Circle K welcomes customers with launch in May 2017


The official launch of the Circle K brand in Poland took place on May 11th at their centrally located fuel and retail outlet on ul. Puławska 86, Warsaw.  The branding roll-out will start with all Warsaw locations extending to all 352 stations throughout Poland until March 2018.  Despite the change in brand, the stations will continue to offer its high quality food, drink and other products and customer loyalty programs.  This marks the joining of Poland to the Circle K family of convenience retail outlets, which are already known and successfully operating in other global markets.

Speed Business Meeting with 6 Chambers of Commerce – May 17th, 2017

We were delighted to co-host the Speed Business Meeting on May 17th at Hotel Polonia Palace in Warsaw with the Irish, Israeli, Italian, Netherlands, Spanish and Ukrainian chambers.  The evening was lively and offered great opportunity for networking with over 90 companies registered.

Thank you to our partners for supporting this event:


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Spring Business Mixer and Whisky Tasting

A joint spring business mixer was held with colleagues from the Irish-Polish Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, March 30th at Bar and Books Podwale.  An introduction to the world of whisky was made by Jamesons’ representative, followed by tastings of Canadian and Irish whiskys.  The evening ended on a fun note with a blind tasting face-off between the Canadian, New Zealand, and Irish Ambassadors.


Canada@150 Charity Hockey Match

Canada@150 was celebrated with a full house of fans at a charity hockey match at Torwar Ice Rink on Sunday, March 26th.  The afternoon was action-packed fun with friendly rivalry between the Canada@150 and Polish Stars Hockey Representation (Hokejowa Reprezentacja Artystów Polskich) teams.

Many thanks for generous support from our sponsors, partners and players.

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