Techsoup joins PCCC!

We would like to welcome a new member of PCCC – Fundacja TechSoup leading the design and delivery of TechSoup programs in Europe ( and managing the TechSoup Global
Network of partners in the region.
Fundacja Techsoup is a Polish registered nonprofit, part of
@Techsoup, San Francisco based NGO, supporting non-governmental organizations and other civil society actors with transformative technology products, knowledge, and services.
Together with 60+ of the world’s leading civil society organizations
Fundacja TechSoup manages a range of technology capacity-building programs to serve communities of over 1.3 million nonprofits in nearly
every region of the world, including Canada.
The network delivered more than US$15 billion in technology tools and philanthropic services from over 100 corporate and foundation partners all over the world.
Thanks to local connections, relevant expertise, and large capacity to quickly develop meaningful and far-reaching CSR projects, Fundacja Techsoup collaborates with corporations locally, regionally, and globally
and create, curate, and scale CSR projects and solutions across many communities.
When a donor needs to determine if an NGO, nonprofit, or charity in its home country is legitimate,TechSoup can help thanks to validation services in a variety of formats making giving easy.
As a nonprofit, Fundacja Techsoup relies on institutional investment to expand and innovate. If you would like to develop your CSR program or invest in TechSoup,

The PCCC Newsletter- December 2021

Dear Polish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce community,

We would like to invite you to read our first newsletter, which was issued for December 2021.

We would like to introduce our new members Mobilum and Valcon Medical as well as discuss updates from our members UPS, CEMBA, Bireta and Raben.

We would also like to show you features of our past events including the International Business Mixer and the seminar with Prof. Hausner.

We are also looking forward to inviting you to the Christmas Business Mixer in Katowice.

We hope you enjoy our first addition and if you would like your company to be featured, please reach out to us.

Warm Regards,

The PCCC team

To view the newsletter please click here: The PCCC Newsletter December 2021