Canada Day Picnic At Wilanow Golf Club

This year’s annual Canada Day Picnic was held on Sunday June 29 at the Wilanow Golf Club.

After the morning’s rain, by lunchtime the weather cleared and the afternoon was pleasant and the perfect day for a family fun day in the sun.  On this day to be remembered by many, the Polish-Canadian Chamber Of Commerce, with support from the Canadian Embassy, organised an activity-filled event that was enjoyed by the children and their parents.  The event was attended by more than 100 people, including Ambassador Bugailiskis and her husband.

During the afternoon, the kids and their parents were invited to play mini-golf as well as participate in a number of competitive events.  The competitions included a 3-round obstacle course challenge, followed by a three-legged race, a spoon-and-egg race and a sack race.  The final event was a tug-of-war with parents and children and the third round finished spectacularly when the rope broke.  In the background, there was face-painting and all-Canadian music played in the air.  Even the Ambassador and her husband joined in with the fun and they obviously enjoyed themselves immensely.  The sports events were followed by a short presentation by the Ambassador and then the Canada Trivia Quiz, with our Sponsors contributing great prizes for the correct answers given.

As usual, there was a huge amount of wonderfully-tasting food and ample supply of refreshments in the form of wine, beer and juices.  Towards the end of the afternoon, the National Anthem was sung and a huge cake was cut and served to the guests.

The PCCC would like to thank the following Organisations for making this day possible and very enjoyable:

Patrons:       Blackberry Miller Canfield EY KGHM Redknee

Sponsors:          Air Canada maple tree Sheraton

Supporting Members:    Government of Canada ICS Polska Miedzicopper AirFrance / KLM & Delta Pratt & Whitney Vac Aero The Canadian School Of Warsaw PJM Shipping & Trading Perła

The afternoon was enjoyed by all.  Count the smiles in the small selection of photos below and you will see why you need to attend the Canada Day Picnic next year!