Winter Reception 2016

The 2016 Winter Reception was a lively edition with the theme “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” featuring Canadian transport and transport technology.

The event, which took place at the Embassy of Canada on February 25th, hosted over 140 guests that included PCCC members, and representatives from the business, cultural and administrative sectors.  Highlights of the evening included a performance by Juno-award winning producer/DJ Ariel Bialski aka DJ Heights and an exceptional prize draw for tickets on Air Canada Rouge, a premier viewing of Bombardier’s new C-series commercial jet, and a bottle of world renowned Seagrams Crown Royal.  Guests were also able to see a display of the new Syrena concept car and Bombardier’s latest rail and air transport technology.


We wish to thank our sponsors for their support:

Main Sponsors:

Air Canada Rouge

Bombardier Transportation

Syrena AK Motor International


Bireta Translations



Miedzi Copper

Perła Browary

Vac Aero