Application for Canada Study Tour (7th edition) 4th November – 19th November 2023

PCCC Member – Polish Academy of Canada invites for applying for Canada Study Tour!

With the study tour, you will not only visit two Canadian provinces, see major Canadian universities and high schools, but mostly learn about Canadian leadership programs through study visits to the major Canadian universities, institutions of Canada, a leadership camp, and take part in the ‘Ontario Student Leadership Conference’ (OSLC).

You will travel to Toronto, London, Niagara Falls, Vancouver, Victoria as well as to other Canadian cities in Ontario and British Columbia.

You will join the Canadian students at one of the High schools in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, sit in on class and talk with older students about their life goals. You will also have the unforgettable experience of billeting with a Canadian family and meeting new lifelong friends from different cultural backgrounds.

You will get in touch with university teachers from Canada for classes, workshops, evening activities, and private meetings!

Additionally, you will have the exceptional opportunity to receive briefings from and exchange views with motivational speakers, academic teachers, and leadership teachers from high school in Canada, as well as representatives of other Canadian organizations and institutions.

You will go through unique experience of taking part in Canadian leadership conference and learn to surpass the challenges by interacting with other international students.

You will also take part at the leadership training organized by Young Leaders. World at the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island and work on with Enneagram wit h a professional Canadian coach Anna Cuglietta.  The Enneagram is a personality tool that can help young people better understand themselves and others. By identifying their unique personality type, young people can gain insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and patterns of behavior. This self-awareness can help them make better decisions, communicate effectively, and navigate relationships more successfully. Additionally, the Enneagram can help young people develop empathy and compassion for others,  and appreciate the diversity of personalities around them.

You will also have the possibility to take part in the Kindness and Empathy course organized by professional coach in Canada – Melissa Hoffort. You will learn to work with different types of cultures and learn to embrace cultural diversity in Canada.

The study tour is an excellent educational and career opportunity: it is less a ‘course’ than a learning immersion in Canada and global leadership, a program which supports positive, energetic, creative, helpful, kind and independent students.

Please find detailed information: Apply – Polish Academy of Canada (

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