Areta Kempińska_Vice-President

A graduate of the University of Warsaw English Philology faculty and Business at the American Studies Center with a Master’s Degree, she has worked as a Polish-English translator and interpreter. Since 2002 she has been the co-owner and Managing Partner of Bireta Professional Translations, where she oversees the Project Management and Translation Department, IT Department and ISO procedures. She also specializes in building long-term relationships with clients and is responsible for translation quality and information security procedures.

She lived for many years in Canada, skied in Alaska and jumped from a helicopter. She is a proud mom of Adam and Pola.

I have been a PCCC member for over 15 years and have always cherished the comradery, networking, business cooperation and Canadian heritage PCCC supports.

I am a Canadian Citizen and have held various leadership roles where I have successfully driven business development and strategic partnerships. My expertise lies in facilitating cross-cultural collaborations and creating opportunities for businesses to thrive in international markets. Throughout my career, I have worked closely with both Polish and Canadian businesses, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their unique challenges and opportunities.

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